Top 7 Productivity Tips for Microsoft MyAnalytics in 2022

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MyAnalytics is a personal productivity insights service

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Top 7 Productivity Tips for Microsoft MyAnalytics in 2022

Productivity management software is a multi-billion dollar market (likely reaching $102.98 billion by 2027), and analytics is the fastest-growing segment. As demand for productivity management grows in the remote working era, the AI and predictive analytics market for measuring productivity will grow at a CAGR of 14.8%. There’s a good reason for this trend — productivity analytics helps users quantify individual work patterns and correlate effort to outcomes. It isn’t just about increasing throughput; it also helps detect unhealthy work patterns that could hamper wellbeing and productivity in the long term.

A meaningful way to measure productivity inside the Microsoft ecosystem is through MyAnalytics.

What Is MyAnalytics?

Launched in 2016, MyAnalytics is a personal productivity insights service with enterprise-grade Microsoft 365 plans. It intends to do two things. First, it informs employees about their work patterns, tendencies, habits, and potential impact. Second, it guides managers and team leaders to hone their leadership capabilities to improve the employee experience.

Unlike most other market productivity and workforce analytics tools, MyAnalytics prioritises employee wellbeing and organisational health. While the offering was always valuable, it has seen an enormous uptick in usage during the pandemic. Remote work makes it harder for managers to understand the pulse of the workforce and the current state of team sentiment. In the absence of co-workers and peers, employees, too, are more prone to unhealthy work habits — such as the failure to disconnect after work hours. MyAnalytics addresses this critical use case by equipping employees and managers with the data they need to make more responsible productivity decisions.

Recognising this need, Microsoft has invested heavily in MyAnalytics and intends to spin off a separate product called Viva Insights next year. Viva Insights will include all the features of MyAnalytics, along with several others.

7 Ways to Maximise MyAnalytics in 2022

Here are seven ways to boost productivity using MyAnalytics for the rest of this year:

1. Looking beyond the dashboard and exploring long-term trends

A user’s insights dashboard is the first page that opens when navigating MyAnalytics. The dashboard has dynamic cards displaying key insights and data. But these are the static highlights from their work patterns in the past four weeks — just beside the dashboard tab, users will see a tab called Trends that visualises how key metrics have evolved during this time. This tip helps analysers compare and correlate productivity trends with workplace events.

Note: This feature, available since 2017, may merge into the Viva Insights experience.

2. Using MyAnalytics with Outlook email

Users can unlock the full potential of MyAnalytics when they use it in conjunction with the Outlook email client. They can open their inbox, navigate any email communication, and click on the Insights button in the top right corner. Of course, users will need a prior license, and the administrator enables the integration. They emplcan implement MyAnalytics to reveal key action points on Outlook, catch up on missed emails/documents, track email/open document rates, and much more.

3. Not ignoring the Educational Tips that surfaced in academia

In addition to personal analytics insights, MyAnalytics also works via a vast body of research. This facilitates objective and science-driven educational tips for how to work better and in a more healthy manner. For instance, the app might tell users that the occasional break from productivity could fuel creative thought, as their mind has the room to wander and explore new ideas.

4. Updating a list of essential contacts to collaborate with everyone

MyAnalytics lets users configure a list of important contacts, which covers everyone they usually interact with daily. Analysers can update this list to reflect the names of their team members or co-participants in an ongoing project, etc. This productivity tip regularly reminds users to catch up with these contacts and maintain a healthy level of networking.

5. Turn the attention to solo work using the focus plan

With the switch to remote work, much energy focuses on enabling collaboration and ensuring it can continue without interruption. Meanwhile, the time devoted to an independent/solo career is now. Research by Worklab ( finds that weekly meeting time is up by 148% for Teams users between 2020 and 2021 and continues to increase further. Use a focus plan in MyAnalytics to block specific day hours for solo work. Users will appear unavailable on their calendars, so co-workers are encouraged to respect the decision.

6. Leveraging the data to balance a communication channel mix

MyAnalytics provides users with detailed information on how to communicate. Does an employee rely overwhelmingly on email without using Microsoft’s chat capabilities? Does a manager schedule too many meetings that could be causing fatigue? Users explore the data to understand their unique channel mix and create a healthy balance. Ideally, it would help if users opted for both synchronous and asynchronous modes to optimise the cognitive load.

7. Asking admin to set up a Briefing email

MyAnalytics sends users a daily briefing email summarising everything they have lined up for that day. This includes email follow-ups, requests, previously mentioned commitments, meeting documents, etc. However, the administrator configures the briefing email. Users can enable this feature to get the most out of Microsoft’s productivity analytics in line with their workflow.

What’s Next for MyAnalytics in 2022?

In 2022, Microsoft MyAnalytics will see a large-scale rebrand — now becoming available as Viva Insights (productivity and wellbeing insights for Microsoft 365 tools). Apart from insights, Viva will have other capabilities like networking and organisational health insights, learning insights, knowledge management analytics, and employee experience design. Further, MyAnalytics or Viva will now be available as a separate solution that employers and managers and, indeed, other members of an organisational hierarchy can add to their Microsoft 365 plan for $4/$9 per user per month.


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