Microsoft Launches Pulse and Amplify for Viva

Jonny Wills
Senior Editor

Viva app double whammy for employee experience on the back of Work Trend Index Pulse report

Microsoft Analysis
Microsoft Launches Pulse and Amplify for Viva

After publishing a report finding that employers have lost faith in their workers in the age of hybrid work, Microsoft released not one but two solutions on their Viva platform this week.

Making a direct connection to the report and the tech firm providing solutions, General Manager at Microsoft 365, Seth Patton, said yesterday: “We’re announcing the expansion of Microsoft Viva with new apps and services that help companies address the three business imperatives from our latest Work Trend Index Pulse Report.”

Employee Feedback with Microsoft Pulse

One of the new releases is Viva Pulse (pictured below), an application created for managers, leaders, and teams to help them understand what is working and what is not, using discreet, regular feedback. This operates so that employees can ‘speak up’ through smart templates, informed questions and analytics supported by Viva from within the Microsoft Teams platform.

Company Messages with Viva Amplify

The other new release is Viva Amplify, an app designed to solve the problem of communications across an organisation by doing it at scale. Leaders, corporate communications, and HR can now connect en masse from a central hub to multiple channels. The solution (pictured underneath) even offers writing guidance and metrics for business leaders running campaigns.

The Rise of Viva Apps in teams

The seemingly reactive releases, timely produced for the issues created by hybrid work, have come on the back of a swathe of developments for the Viva platform as it continues its integration in Teams. The mission appears to bridge employers and employees by supporting company productivity and worker morale. Seth Patton backed up Viva’s value, stating:

It has helped customers reduce onboarding time by 50 per cent, improve worker productivity through a 75 per cent reduction in search time, reduce employee attrition by 20 per cent, and more, resulting in 3x ROI.

In July, the goal-setting, objectives and key results (OKR) app Viva Goals made general availability for Web and desktop with the aim that companies have the facility to align their strategic priorities to drive results and boost business.


Also, Viva Insights hit GA in mid-August to boost employee morale by giving them information about their work day and supporting collaborations.

What Next for Viva

Along with the two-app announcement comes the introduction of exciting new developments in Viva Learning’s integration with Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning Hub promises to help users navigate better learning and resources and cross-pollinate what they do at work on Viva with the integration on LinkedIn. This is a potentially massive development, as LinkedIn currently has more than 830 million members.

Microsoft Pulse, in the meantime, is ready as a ‘complimentary and additive’ to further organisation tools like Glint, due to arrive in Viva next year.  The combination, according to Microsoft, will aim to “help organisations capture valuable employee feedback and translate insights to actions”.



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